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Melanotan 2 is an extremely popular tanning solution in the UK and Ireland for those wanting to achieve an all over long lasting tan without the mess of spray tanning. Want to take your tan to the next level? PureTan Melanotan 2 (commonly known as MT2) will stimulate the body’s natural tanning abilities to allow you to tan without spending long periods of time in a tanning bed. 

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Why use Melanotan 2?

People who would never tan and always burn in the sun can achieve a natural tan when using Melanotan 2. Achieving a deep and dark tan may not be a possible thought for some, whether that is because of a fair complexion or a busy schedule. This is now made possible by Melanotan 2 from PureTan. Get your dream tan in preparation for an upcoming holiday or even just to boost your confidence.

Achieving a tan with the least amount of harmful ultraviolet radiation exposure is a goal for anyone that’s why Melanotan 2 continues to be the most effective tanning solution sold online.

Understanding the
Fitzpatrick Skin Chart

Skin Type 1 – Pale white skin, blue/green eyes, blonde/red hair – Always burns, does not tan
Skin Type 2 – Fair skin, blue eyes – Burns easily, tans poorly
Skin Type 3 – Darker white skin – Tans after initial burn
Skin Type 4 – Light brown skin – Burns minimally, tans easily
Skin Type 5 – Brown skin – Rarely burns, tans darkly easily
Skin Type 6 – Dark brown or black skin – Never burns, always tans darkly

Users with a Fitzpatrick skin type I and II are the best candidates for Melanotan 2 as tanning has likely been an impossibility prior.

Your Fitzpatrick Skin Type will dictate what dosage you will need and frequency of maintenance dose. Further information can be found on our FAQ page.

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Our aim here at PureTan is to provide you with the best quality Melanotan 2 tanning injections on the market at the best possible price. Whether you want to prepare yourself for an upcoming holiday or even hold onto a tan that was achieved prior we will help make that possible with MT2 from PureTan. As a trusted supplier of MT2 tanning injections we can assist in any questions you may have regarding our tanning injections for sale. We also provide bulk options for those wishing to stock up and save money, just contact us through the contact tab on our website. 

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